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Helping Your Business Grow

Your Fractional CFO

Not every business can hire their own CFO, but no one can afford to get their numbers wrong. Having access to reliable financial support at critical times can make or break your business.  

Simera Consulting provides first-rate accounting services for small, medium, or large enterprises in Manitoba.  We don't consider ourselves an external accounting service, but a partner who works directly with you and your staff.  We provide high-level financial services that you might not know you need but will benefit your business now and into the future.

With a variety of services to suit the size of your business and your sector, we provide packages that range from short-term CFO financial analysis to long-term project support for growth and transitional businesses.

Contact us to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment. We are here to help your business grow! 

Sophia K Schroeder, CPA, CGA

Simera Consulting

Winnipeg, Canada

Phone: + 1 204 960 6308


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